[Ctrl-P] Top Ways To Tell If Someone Is An Illuminati

IlluminatiZe zijn overal, altijd. Ze beheersen de globale economie en de wereldpolitiek. Ze trekken aan de touwtjes. Ze zitten in uw leven en in uw hoofd. Vooral in uw hoofd. Uitsluitend in uw hoofd.

Een copy-paste van een olijke tekst die u in zes stappen zal helpen bij het detecteren van die vermaledijde Illuminati.

Zelf wil ik graag nog een extra puntje toevoegen:

7. Illuminati moeten niet studeren voor de examens.

*  *  *

Urban Mogul Life: Top Ways To Tell If Someone Is An Illuminati

With all of this Illuminati talk the last year or so, many of you Moguls may wonder how can you exactly tell if a person is in the Illuminati. Well first of all any entertainer that is successful is one!! And out of the rest 15% of them are also down with the crew. But how can you tell if your neighbor is one? How bout the dude at the car wash? Don’t you fret, UML has you covered.

1. When you walk into a room, they stop talking – See Illuminati is basically a secret society. So whatever they talk about the masses aren’t privy to know. We can’t know their secrets. Simple as that! Name one person that knows KFC’s secret herbs and spices? The president of KFC don’t even know. All they know is that the shit shows up in a brown paper bag!

2. If you see a person get a free cheeseburger at McDonalds they have to be Illuminati – Benefits come with membership. Why else would someone join? And in this recession what better perk is there than free food? Illuminati members are known to be able to show up at various restaurants and get free grub! Damn don’t you wish you were one now?

3. Anyone with more than 100 dollars is one – Success has to come from something other than hard work. A person just can’t have money in their pocket without something fishy behind it! And since the dope game is played out, cats must be in the Illuminati!! How else is they eating good, wearing the finer fabrics, and chilling with beautiful people?

4. Anyone that skips you in line – Everyone hates a lame that skips. Whether in traffic or the grocery store, we don’t want to be skipped. And I am not sure about you all, but I have seen people get handed some for skipping in line. The serious beats. But every once in awhile a skipper comes along that doesn’t catch a bad one. Everyone just except the fact that they just been skipped. That is the Illuminati working!!

5. If a person wears black 2 or more days in a row they must be down with the Illuminati – We all know that Lucifer loves black. So any rapper that wears it to must be down the devil also!! Plain and simple. Didn’t Jay-Z say all black everything? And we all know that he worships the devil.

6. Anyone that gets a promotion in the next 2 years is an Illuminati – With the economy the way it is, businesses are keeping things tight. No extra money for fluff. But if you see someone that suddenly gets a promotion, it must be because of Illuminati! Why else would they get that new position? Plus I already told you membership has it’s benefits!
Yeah being in the Illuminati may be a secret but with UML’s fool-proof methods of recognition you too can spot them out!! But be careful, you may end up being one yourself!!!