[Ctrl-P] David Dixon: Amateur scientists vs. cranks

pseudowetenschapDavid Dixon presenteerde een greep uit de correspondentie van pseudowetenschappers, “the crazy, the naive and the stubborn”. Hilarisch, grappig, confronterend. Een excellente inleiding tot de pathologische wetenschap.

Het volledige begeleidende artikel vindt u op boing boing. De video duurt een uurtje, geen twee zoals aangegeven, en dateert van juli 2012.

*  *  *

This is video of a talk given last year by David Dixon, assistant professor of math, science and engineering at Saddleback College in California. He used to work in the Physics Department at California Polytechnic State University, which, like many physics departments around the world, received loads of correspondence from non-scientists who thought they had come up with earth-shattering, game-changing hypotheses that needed to be shared.

Now, sometimes, laypeople come up with good ideas that should be explored. But many of these letters are better classified as the work of cranks — folks who had big ideas, cared deeply about those big ideas, but who were dead wrong… and utterly impervious to the idea that they might be wrong.